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We are edge workers on an exhilarating but scary journey. By sharing our experiences, wonderings, stories and questions we build on one another. To accelerate change in Education, to make it a diverse ecosystem where every person can enjoy lifelong learning that fits their needs and that of society as a whole.

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You’re invited to join a select group of 80+ Edge workers at the FreedomLab Campus for a free flow of information sharing. Inspiring each other in a format of short stories which they share, without powerpoints, and just the floor.

Sessions are a fast train of events and stories with an exchange of ideas and experiences, connected by an MC and with collective conversations.

We have selected speakers that inspire us with their vision and/ or initiatives, and we are certain that you will like them too. They are entertaining, thought provoking and great storytellers – and will share what they see on the edge of their own horizon.

There is a rhythm to the event, with speakers and one-minute pop-up contributions from the audience. The event values the moment, and the MC will bring out the energy and inspiration in the room.

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On the first of April 2015 in the FreedomLab Campus we come together for inspiration and a free flow of information sharing. Short stories without powerpoints just the floor. Sessions are a fast train with an exchange of ideas and experiences, connected by an MC and with collective conversations.

01-04-2015 | 15:30 – 18:00

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